The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog - 2024 Paraeducator Book Study


Date Message
4/18/2024 2:42pm

Welcome aboard! I am delighted that you are interested in exploring this book with me. I have no doubt that you will find it meaningful and at times riveting. 

As we prepare to begin the book study, I highly recommend getting a jump start on the reading. The chapters are lengthy and due to the setup of a 4 week study, there will be required reading of multiple chapters per week. I recommend getting started on your reading now! If you want to order the book from Amazon, here is the direct link. I have my own copy of the book all highlighted and marked up, as to take-aways that I gained throughout my personal reading. Feel free to do the same as it will help you in our discussions later!

The following is a list of chapters that will be explored on each study date. Please have these chapters completed prior to each date.

Read chapters 1-3 to discuss on May 23.

Read chapters 4-6 to discuss on May 30.

Read chapters 7-9 to discuss on June 6.

Read chapters 10-12 to discuss on June 13.


4/18/2024 2:36pm

Disclaimer: This is a substantial book to digest, to put it mildly. The content is heavy, but it is an excellent read. If you have a personal history of trauma or abuse, this subject matter may be triggering. Feel free to remove yourself from the study at any time without penalty.