Organizations 1 - 30 of 4773 in total
Name Abbreviation Type Aun Status
21st Cent Chrst Ln C IN other_private_nonlicensed_entity 300519930 Active
21st Century Cyber Charter School charter_school 124150002 Active
63rd Street Multicultural Academy of Academic Excellence nonpublic_nonlicensed_school 226510075 Active
63rd Street Multicultural Academy of Academic Excellence nonpublic_nonlicensed_school 226510039 Active
Aardvark Child Care and Learning Center Inc licensed_private_academic_school 325230047 Active
Aardvark Day Care Inc. licensed_private_academic_school 325230046 Active
Abacus Montessori Academy licensed_private_academic_school 322090084 Active
ABC Academy licensed_private_academic_school 300350150 Active
ABC Child Development Center Inc other_private_nonlicensed_entity 300510200 Active
ABC Creative Play Center other_private_nonlicensed_entity 300020090 Active
ABC Kiddie Kampus licensed_private_academic_school 318400022 Active
ABC Kiddie Kampus Inc licensed_private_academic_school 300350200 Active
ABC's for Children licensed_private_academic_school 300020130 Active
Abington Christian Academy nonpublic_nonlicensed_school 219357281 Active
Abington Friends School nonpublic_nonlicensed_school 223460102 Active
Abington Heights School District school_district 119350303 Active
Abington Presbyterian Nursery School licensed_private_academic_school 300460400 Active
Abington School District school_district 123460302 Active
Abrams Hebrew Academy nonpublic_nonlicensed_school 222090052 Active
Abraxas Center Adlscnt Females other_private_nonlicensed_entity 300020030 Active
Abraxas Foundation Inc other_private_nonlicensed_entity 300250080 Active
Abraxas II other_private_nonlicensed_entity 300250070 Active
Abraxas III other_private_nonlicensed_entity 300020020 Active
A Bright Future licensed_private_academic_school 319352389 Active
Abundant Life International School nonpublic_nonlicensed_school 203020115 Active
Academic Learning Center licensed_private_academic_school 300450150 Active
Academy licensed_private_academic_school 300020115 Active
Academy Early Learning other_private_nonlicensed_entity 300510330 Active
Academy in Manayunk nonpublic_nonlicensed_school 326510076 Active
Academy of Academics licensed_private_academic_school 325232342 Active