Organizations 241 - 270 of 4818 in total
Name Abbreviation Type Aun Status
Avon Grove Nazarene Academy Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 224150562 Active
Avon Grove School District School District 124150503 Active
Avonworth School District School District 103020753 Active
A W Beattie Career Center Career and Technical Center 103020407 Active
Back Mountain Amish School Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 211441003 Active
Baden Academy Charter School Charter School 127046517 Active
Bairs Codorus Mennonite School Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 212670403 Active
Bais Menachem Youth Development Prog Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 218407265 Active
Bais Yaakov of Scranton Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 219350001 Active
Bakerstown UMC Day School Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 203029112 Active
Bala Cynwyd School for Young Children Licensed, Private Academic School 300460920 Active
Bala House Licensed, Private Academic School 300460900 Active
Bald Eagle Area School District School District 110141003 Active
Bald Eagle Boys Camp School Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 210180503 Active
Bald Eagle School Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 217410002 Active
Bald Hill School Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 216190000 Active
Baldwin School Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 223469252 Active
Baldwin-Whitehall School District School District 103021102 Active
Baltimore Regional Joint Brd Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300001020 Active
Bambi Day School Licensed, Private Academic School 300460950 Active
Bangor Area School District School District 120480803 Active
Bangor Preschool Inc Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300480600 Active
Banksville Gifted Center Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300021200 Active
Bannerville Hill Amish School Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 216550000 Active
Baptist Childrens Services Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 226510662 Active
Baptist Child S-Alternative Fr Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300461040 Active
Baptist Child S-Alternative Fr Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300461050 Active
Baptist Child S-Avondale Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300150280 Active
Baptist Child S-Lewis Road Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300461058 Active
Baptist Child S-Spring Garden Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300511260 Active