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Gifted Network

May 3, 2024
Your Internet Ready Computer
Act 48 Activity Hours

Gifted Network #3

Title: Gifted Network Meetings

Date: May 3, 2024

Time: 9 am to Noon

Location: Virtual -

Department: Curriculum

Act 48: Yes

Description:  The Gifted Network is an opportunity for teachers who work with gifted students to come together to get some professional development and to network with other teachers about the latest topics in their field.  The specific focus of each PD session will be added at a later date. 



Friday, May 3
9am - 12pm
Gifted Network CS Fundamentals Workshop for Elementary Teachers - Virtual

May 14, 2024
Your Internet Ready Computer
Act 48 Activity Hours

Instructor(s): Peney E. Wright, M.Ed.  TIU 11 STEM/STEAM Curriculum and Instruction Specialist


Description of Activity: CS Fundamentals: Fully supported, free computer science curriculum and activities for Elementary Teachers

Regardless of what subject you teach, computer science is foundational knowledge for all students in the 21st century. Incorporating it into your classroom will give your students a huge leg up. Besides, this is a subject the kids love learning. With the help of this, no cost, one-day workshop for elementary school teachers, you will receive support in teaching computer science even if you have no prior experience. In addition, the activities are really fun!

What’s in a workshop?

In-person instruction from an experienced computer science facilitator, including an intro to computer science, pedagogy, overview of the online curriculum, teacher dashboard, and strategies for teaching “unplugged” classroom activities. Over 10,000 teachers have participated in a workshop and the majority say it’s the best PD they’ve ever attended.

What you'll get from this workshop:

  • In-person instruction from an experienced computer science facilitator.
  • An intro to computer science and pedagogy.
  • An overview of the online curriculum and teacher dashboard.
  • A printed curriculum guide containing course lesson plans.
  • Strategies for teaching "unplugged" classroom activities.

Sign up now so you can start teaching these life-changing skills!  Learn more about’s K-5 program at  Please feel free to email Peney Wright for more details.




Tuesday, May 14
8am - 4pm CS Fundamentals

TIU 11 Local Task Force Meetings

May 15, 2024
Your Internet Ready Computer
Special Education
Act 48 Activity Hours

The local task force is a parent/family network group for families that have a child with a disability. Membership consists primarily of like-minded parents of school aged children residing in the TIU 11 area that wish to support their sons or daughters as they navigate through the special education process. Other members include educators and local agency representatives. The goal of the group is to support parents through training, resource sharing, and networking so that they can work with their Local Education Agency (LEA) in a positive, proactive manner.

Target Audience: Parents/Guardians, Special Education Teachers, Administrators, Agencies that support students with disabilities



Wednesday, May 15
2 - 3:30pm
TIU Local Task Force

STEELS Experience for K-12 Educators

June 20, 2024
Huntingdon County Career and Technology Center
Act 48 Activity Hours

Instructor(s): Peney E. Wright

Description of Activity: Tier #1 Session  Full implementation of PA’s Integrated STEELS Academic Standards and revised PSSA Science Testing format will begin school year 2025-2026. In preparation for this 3-year roll out, we are offering an immersive experience for the look and feel of the shift in science pedagogy for all administrators and educators. Take away practices and protocols to begin implementing in your classroom or context the next day.

Please bring a laptop or other device.

Recommended Prerequisite: read the National Research Council: A Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts and Core Ideas (2012), free download

“This experience will directly impact how science is taught in the K-12 classrooms in relation to the new STEELS standards.” Elementary Teacher attendee, March 2023



Thursday, June 20
8:30am - 3:30pm
STEELS Experience