Act 13 for Administrators Cancelled

August 16, 2021



Sorry for the short notice but we Will need to cancel our Act 13 training for tomorrow at the TIU office  and will reschedule it at a later time.  

Aug 2021

Pursuant to Act 13 of 2020, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) contracted with AIU3 to establish professional development regarding evaluations requirements for employees serving as classroom teachers, temporary professional employees serving as classroom teachers, nonteaching professional employees, nonteaching temporary professional employees, principals and chief school administrators, and any other individuals designated as evaluators.  

The professional development programs are tailored to specific groups of employees and are differentiated for evaluators and individuals being evaluated. 

The programs include the following: 

·      An overview of the purposes and rationales for each component of the evaluation system; 
·      Suggestions for appropriate collaboration, timelines, and communications between employee and employer; and 
·      Suggested criteria to guide quality implementation in both the content of an evaluation and in the process of administering an evaluation. 



Registration is open until 8/16/2021

Available Credit or Activity Hours

Act 48 Activity Hours
3.5 Hours
School Administration (Non-PIL) School Leadership and Advocacy


Monday, August 16
8:30am - 12pm
Act 13 for Administrators