AT Makers Day - Solder, Switches, and Stuffing Cancelled

March 19, 2020

Special Education

his hands-on workshop hosted in partnership by CIU 10, BLaST IU 17, and TIU 11 Training and Consultation will introduce participants to assistive technology making skills to create usable access products. Participants will learn basic soldering to join wire segments and assemble mono and stereo components for use in a variety of assistive technology applications. Those skills will be applied to create a switch tester that can be used determine status of those switches used by an individual with physical disabilities. Each participant will have the opportunity to choose to complete two other projects including switch-adapting a stuffed, electronic toy that they bring. This workshop is targeted for assistive technology specialists, occupational therapists, regular or special education teachers, and STEAM teachers along with their students who are interested in expanding maker opportunities into authentic applications!

Each educator is welcome to bring one student (grade 7-12) free of charge. The teacher-student team will complete one set of 

**If you would like to switch adapt a singing toy, please bring one with you**

Switch Adapting Toys

Switch adapting a toy is one project option. If you would like to do this project, we ask that you bring a toy with you.  This can be any simple plush toy that sings/dances.  This is a beginner project, so the toy needs to only have one on/off button. Examples include: a singing Elmo, any holiday/seasonal singing/dancing toy, a singing/talking/dancing cartoon character such a Mickey Mouse or Hei Hei from Moana, or any other single activation point stuffed animal.  Typically these items have a velcro area that allows access to the battery box. 


Registration is open until 3/19/2020


All Registrants

The cost of this workshop is $70 (includes lunch and materials)

Unlimited Sessions
All Days

Available Credit or Activity Hours

Act 48 Activity Hours
5.0 Hours
Academic Content Studies Special Education


Thursday, March 19