Central Fulton Mental Health Team Meeting

September 7, 2022

Mental Health Special Education

2022/2023 School Year

According to the United States Surgeon General, addressing the needs of youth mental health is a whole-society call to action. The education system is an important component to creating innovative ways to work with our youth to support their wellness. 

This Mental Health Team Meeting is for Central Fulton School District only. Administration, school counselors, school social worker, school psychologist, nurse, and other attendees (invitation only) can sign up for our *tentative* schedule for next school year. This group meets once a month to discuss topics around addressing mental health needs in this district. 

More information:

 This meeting will recur the first Wednesday of each month. Dates and times can be adjusted based on the school district's schedule for next year. 

Contact Denise Shugarts with questions at dshugarts@tiu11.org.

A zoom link will be provided at the beginning of the school year. 


Registration is open until 9/7/2022


Wednesday, September 7
8:30 - 10am
CFSD Mental Health Team Meeting