CRA Math Fractions Tentative

May 13 - 14, 2019

Curriculum Mathematics

CRA Math Instructional Methods

This professional development opportunity will support teachers’ learning and implementation of the Concrete-Representational-Abstract (CRA) sequence of instruction, a research-based instructional practice, for the topics of addition and subtraction. Teachers will experience CRA as both a teacher and a learner.

Teaching through a concrete-representational-abstract (CRA) sequence of instruction supports students’ learning and understanding of mathematical concepts and procedures. The CRA sequencing of instruction is evidenced to be an effective instructional practice (Gersten et al, 2009; NMP, 2008; Riccomini & Witzel, 2010; Witzel 2005). Structuring consistent models and language across the representations is a key part of the planning and implementation process. The PaTTAN Mathematics Initiative has created structures that will increase teachers’ ability to immediately implement the concrete-representational-abstract sequence of instruction as a method of making more mathematics accessible to more students.


Registration is open until 5/13/2019

Available Credit or Activity Hours

Act 48 Activity Hours
3.0 Hours
Academic Content Studies Mathematics


Monday, May 13
3 - 6pm
CRA Math Fractions - Day One
Tuesday, May 14
3 - 6pm
CRA Math Fractions - Day Two