Implementing the New PA Integrated Science (SE), Technology and Engineering (TE), Environmental Literacy and Sustainability (ELS) “STEELS” Academic Standards

January 25 - 26, 2023


Instructor(s): Peney E. Wright, Eric Yoder  

Description of Activity: Full implementation of PA’s Integrated SE, TE & ELS (STEELS) Academic Standards and revised PSSA Science Testing format will begin school year 2025-2026. In preparation for this 3-year roll out, we are offering a series of two workshop sessions. In session #1, we will unpack the new standards’ characteristics and format, focus on student performance expectations and take a deep dive into grade level and grade band STEELS 3-dimensional standards. Session #2 supports educators with project-based learning pedagogy and communicating claim-evidence- reasoning (C-E-R) techniques to meet student performance expectations; followed by district wide time for creating a plan of action for the district and curriculum mapping.  
          Teams will set goals and plan regularly scheduled meetings and IU check-ins.  
         Minimum of seven per team.  
        Act 48 and 45 credit will be awarded.  
         A light breakfast and lunch will be served.  

Strongly Recommended: Assemble a team of at least one district-level administrator, curriculum and instruction director, special education director, one building administrator, one K-2 teacher, one 3-5 teacher, one middle school teacher, one high school teacher,  
a STEM teacher, one or more special education teachers, one or more ELL teachers, an instructional coach, and/or guidance counselors.  

Sessions Progression: Session #1 must be completed first, but any subsequent Session #2 workshop may be selected throughout the school year. They can be, but do not have to be, completed in close proximity.  

See additional PD opportunities to support the new standards: Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEEs), Engineering is Elementary (EiE) and Engineering by Design (EbD) 

Audience: administrators, principals or assistant principals, curriculum director, elementary  
teachers, middle school teachers, high school teachers, STEM teachers, instructional coaches, library media specialists, special education teachers, ELL teachers and/or guidance counselor 

Credit will not be awarded until both sessions are complete. 



Registration is open until 2023-01-25

Available Credit or Activity Hours

Act 45 Activity Hours
15.0 Hours
School Administration (Non-PIL) School Leadership and Advocacy
Act 48 Activity Hours
15.0 Hours
Standards Area Curriculum and Assessment Instructional Decision Making


Wednesday, January 25
8am - 4pm
Session 1
Thursday, January 26
8am - 4pm
Session 2