Mathematical Literacy Workshop

September 20, 2019

Special Education

Mathematical Literacy: Developing Students’ Writing Skills in Mathematics

This session will engage participants in developing students’ abilities to explain in writing their thinking processes when solving mathematical problems. The session will focus on building vocabulary skills to develop precise language in open ended responses to mathematical questions. In addition, participants will deepen their knowledge of the complex skill of writing and how to support students in the writing process in mathematics.


Participants will:

  1. Describe the skills required to engage in the act of writing
  2. Identify the techniques used to teach mathematical vocabulary
  3. List three ways to break words into meaningful chunks (morphemes) to increase student understanding
  4. Connect the standards of mathematical practice to writing in math

Target Audience:K-12 Special Educators, K-12 Regular Educators, Math Supervisors and Coaches, Supervisors of Curriculum and Instruction.

PRESENTERS: DAWN DURHAM and ERICA KAURUDAR, Educational Consultants at PaTTAN, Harrisburg


Registration is open until 9/20/2019

Available Credit or Activity Hours

Act 48 Activity Hours
6.0 Hours
Academic Content Studies Mathematics


Friday, September 20
8:30am - 3:30pm