Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEEs) Cancelled

June 12 - 13, 2024


Instructor(s): Peney Wright, Eric Yoder

Description of Activity: All of central Pennsylvania is part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and there are five other watersheds that our state impact. Pennsylvania is committed to protecting these precious natural resources. A water shed is land area whose runoff drains into any river, stream, lake, and/or ocean. However, runoff from fields, lawns, pavement, and construction sites could carry potentially harmful materials from our watersheds to our rivers, bays and oceans. Even if you live, work, or play far from a river, your actions could have an impact on the quality of the water in many areas. Grants are available to fund MWEEs.

What is a MWEE?

A MWEE is…students exploring real world issues…in the field and in the classroom…students using evidence to draw conclusions and… take action! MWEEs use project-based methods, as well as, student voice and choice to engage learners in Local Issues Definition and Research, Outdoor Field Experiences, Synthesis and Conclusion, all leading towards Stewardship and Civic Action. These essential 4 student supporting practices are structured by active teacher support, local context, classroom integration and sustained activity.

Environmental Education and Advocate Stakeholders urge all school districts to engage learners in at least one MWEE in elementary, one MWEE in middle school and one MWEE in high school. MWEEs support the STEELS Standards. During MWEE Session #1 we’ll walk you through a MWEE in action. In Session #2 we will spend most of the day engaging is an Outdoor Field Experience. There will be time during the second session for preliminary planning for your own MWEE.

Prerequisite: Online MWEE 101 Course

Asynchronous work: One MWEE unit plan must be completed within 30 after the workshop.



Registration closed on 6/12/2024

Available Credit or Activity Hours

Act 48 Activity Hours
15.0 Hours
Academic Content Studies Science


Wednesday, June 12
8:30am - 4pm
Day One
Thursday, June 13
8:30am - 4pm
Day Two