PULSE - Principals Understanding Leadership in Special Education

January 23, 2024 - June 19, 2024

Special Education

This course is ONLY for General Education Administration - Principals, and Assistant Principals. This 30-hour course aims to build upon principals’ working knowledge and skill sets needed to successfully innovate and program for students with disabilities. The growing field of research at the intersection of principals and special education yields evidence-based practices that support outcomes for students with disabilities.

The three professional development days (followed by a half-day of project presentations) are titled as follows:

  • Day 1: Leading a Culture of Change
  • Day 2: Being an Instructional Leader
  • Day 3: Supporting Effective Behavioral Systems.

Please note, each instructional day requires the completion of 3 hours of pre- reading/activities.

Objectives/Skills/Knowledge to be gained from training event:

• Identify the necessary components to effect change

• Analyze and share their vision and mission statements

• Identify key principles of IDEA and Chapter 14 regulations

• Identify the roles and responsibilities of an LEA representative

• Analyze and implement the use of assessment data to guide instructional decision making

• Analyze data to identify patterns of behavior

• Identify alternatives to suspension and expulsion

• Identify organizational culture and core values to strengthen relationships with stakeholders


The PULSE course is worth 30 hours of Act 45 PIL credit. 3.5 days training (3 full-day trainings with a half day dedicated to presentations). Eighteen (18) of these hours are direct instruction and 12 of these hours are extended learning via pre-readings/assignments and a work-based project.

Questions please contack Betsy Cox or Lisa Kruse at ecox@tiu11.org or ekruse@tiu11.org


Registration closed on 1/23/2024

Available Credit or Activity Hours

Act 45 Activity Hours
30.0 Hours
PA Inspired Leadership (PIL) Advocating for Children and Public Education - CL5
Act 48 Activity Hours
30.0 Hours
PA Inspired Leadership (PIL) Advocating for Children and Public Education - CL5


Tuesday, January 23
9am - 3:30pm
Day One - Leading a Culture of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
Tuesday, March 26
9am - 3:30pm
Day Two - Being an Instructional Leader
Tuesday, May 21
9am - 3:30pm
Day Three - Supporting Effective Behavioral Systems
Wednesday, June 19
9am - 3:30pm
Day Four - Culminating Project