Reducing School Bullying and Its Impact through ´PIP Strategy´

May 20, 2019

Reducing School Bullying and Its Impact Through the “PIP Strategy” of Prevention, Intervention, & Protection

This workshop will provide attendees with a detailed framework for understanding bullying and harassment (similarities and differences); the bullying dynamic of aggressor, target, and bystander; and conflict vs. bullying. These core concepts form the basis for the prevention of bullying, intervention to disrupt the bullying dynamic, and protection of targets and bystanders. The importance of youth engagement and the role of Upstanders will be emphasized. Some legal issues will be discussed, such as developing an effective policy and requirements for adults’ response. We will also consider how the larger school climate context impacts bullying, with particular attention to the role of social emotional learning. Specific concerns about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender students’ safety needs will be discussed.

Randy Ross has an M.S. in Educational Leadership and an M.A. in Anthropology. She has been a teacher, principal, and professional development educator. She has been committed to the field of bullying prevention and school climate improvement since 2003, when she worked for the NJ Attorney General’s Office and led a state-wide initiative called New Jersey Cares About Bullying. In 2005, Randy joined the New England Equity Assistance Center at Brown University. In that position, she engaged with state departments of education and numerous school districts on equity issues and bullying prevention. Since 2014, she has served as Senior Consultant at the National School Climate Center. Her anti-bullying and school climate work over the last 20 years has taken her to multiple states – including all of New England, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. She is currently on the Steering Committee of SEL4MA and a National Advisor to SEL4US.

Registration is open until 5/20/2019

Available Credit or Activity Hours

Act 48 Activity Hours
5.0 Hours
Student Social and Health Issues Resiliency
General Activity Hours (non-PDE)
5.0 Hours


Monday, May 20
8:30am - 3:30pm