STEAM Early Learning Education Series, PreK – 5th Grades Forum 3: Teaching PA’s New Technology and Engineering Standards and How Young Learners Defend or Argue a Science Claim

December 8, 2021 - March 16, 2022


Instructor(s): Peney Wright, Eric Yoder


Recommended Prerequisite: New PA Integrated SE, EE & TE Standards Session #1

Description of Activity: Join us for a deep dive into PA’s New SE, EE & TE Academic Standards with a focus on integrating the Core Concepts of Technology and Engineering and Design in Technology, Nature and Characteristics of Technology and Engineering and Engineering Education paired with a science student performance expectation from your grade level which includes creating a model.

After students investigate a science concept or solve an engineering challenge, how do they defend their explanation or argue the “correctness” of their theory?  Using Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (C-E-R) concepts and graphic organizers to support students’ explanations and ideas about what they are learning in science and engineering is a clear technique to provide student success in meeting this practice.  C-E-R can also be used as a summative assessment.

Audience: all PreK-12 educators, library/media specialists, STEM Specialists, Instructional Coaches, special education educators 

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Available Credit or Activity Hours

Act 48 Activity Hours
7.0 Hours
Teaching and Learning Professional Development Teaching Techniques and Strategies


Wednesday, December 8
8:30am - 4pm
Forum 3 Wednesday
Wednesday, March 16
8:30am - 4pm
Forum 3 Wednesday