TIU 11 Check & Connect Prep. & Implementation Training

October 11, 2022

Special Education

Preparation & Implementation Training: 1  
Day for Admin and Lead Staff 


Check & Connect Preparation and Implementation Training is a 1-day training that provides education administrators and lead staff (decision-making stakeholders) with a thorough overview of Check & Connect and its background as well as information about how to prepare their site for implementing  Check & Connect. 


  • The core components and elements of Check & Connect
  • The context for Check & Connect, including the process of disengagement and the risk factors associated with dropping out
  • How Check & Connect was developed, its theoretical underpinnings, and its evidence base
  • Steps for preparing for and implementing Check & Connect at their sites 
  1.  Aligning Check & Connect with current initiatives
  2.  Identifying the indicators of disengagement at their site 
  3.  Designating a coordinator and hiring mentors 
  4. Systematically monitoring student data and identifying appropriate interventions for 
    reengaging students 
  5. Strengthening the family-school relationship 
  6. Monitoring the person-environment fit 
  7. Evaluating the implementation and effectiveness of Check & Connect at their site 

Who Should Attend 
This training is designed for education administrators and lead staff (decision-making stakeholders) interested in preparing for and implementing Check & Connect. Researchers, community professionals, and others interested in the Check & Connect model are also welcome to attend.

 Note : that this training is not intended for Check & Connect mentors


Registration is open until 10/11/2022

Available Credit or Activity Hours

Act 48 Activity Hours
7.0 Hours
Student Social and Health Issues Educational Specialist


Tuesday, October 11
8am - 3:30pm
Implementation Training