TIU 11 School Psychologists’ Networking

December 5, 2019

Special Education

Supporting Students Who Experience Difficulty With Mathematics:

Effective Assessment, Instructional, and Intervention Practices Audience: School Psychologists and Guest Colleagues

School Psychologists- please bring a friend (or two or three!) from your district, such as a math coach, administrator, special educator or general education math teacher for this professional learning opportunity!

Students who experience difficulty with mathematics benefit from effective assessment, instructional, and intervention practices. School psychologists can partner with other educators to ensure that students at risk for academic failure in mathematics receive the needed instruction, intervention, and supports to be successful in the least restrictive environment. This professional learning event will provide school psychologists with the opportunity to partner and collaborate with other educators from their district to improve their collective skills to meet the needs of students who experience difficulty with mathematics. 

In this session, participants will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge base of effective assessment practices, including curriculum-based assessment, curriculum-based measurement, and single-skill mastery measurement. Additionally, participants will deepen their understanding of effective instructional practices including response opportunities, explicit teaching of mathematics vocabulary, and use of manipulatives to support mathematical learning. Participants will learn about evidence-based classroom and individual interventions (e.g., Cover-Copy-Compare, Incremental Rehearsal) to support growth of students’ mathematical skills. Finally, participants will explore the instructional hierarchy and apply these principles to mathematics instruction and intervention practices. 

Session Outcomes:

-Identify at least one effective assessment practice to identify students’ mathematical skill(s) in need of further development

-Identify at least two effective instructional practices to support students’ development of mathematical reasoning and/or computation skills

-Locate at least two new online, evidence-based resources to support students’ mathematical skill development

-Practice steps needed to implement at least one evidence-based intervention to increase students’ mathematical reasoning and/or computation skills. 

For more information, contact Kelly Zurybida at kzurybida@tiu11.org or Julie Brown at jbrown@tiu11.org

*  Lunch is included.  There will be a $10.00 charge if registered and do not attend.

Presenters:  Jared Campbell Pattan Consultant: PA Statewide MAthematics Initiative Lead; MTSS

and Dr. Erica Kauruder, NCSP Pattan Consultant Mathematics, Behavior and School Psychology Initiatives


Registration is open until 12/5/2019

Available Credit or Activity Hours

Act 48 Activity Hours
5.0 Hours
Teaching and Learning Professional Development Teaching Techniques and Strategies


Thursday, December 5
9am - 3pm