Type 1 Diabetes in the Classroom Cancelled

June 20 - 21, 2019

Curriculum Health



Jun 14

As more children become diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, there is a need for teacher training in the use of the equipment, understanding blood sugar numbers, the effects of diabetes on their social, emotional, and physical well being. Teachers need to understand that diabetes can be life threatening. 
This course will meet the following Health, Safety, and Physical Education Standards: 
  10.1.3 Concepts of Health B, C, D, E 
  10.2   Healthful Living C 
  10.3.3 Safety and Injury Prevention B 
  10.4.3 Physical Activity B 
  10.4.9 Physical Activity B 
  10.5.3 Concepts, Principles, and Strategies of Movement D


Available Credit or Activity Hours

CPE Credit
1 Credit
Academic Content Studies Health and Physical Education


Thursday, June 20
8:30am - 4pm
Friday, June 21
8:30am - 4:30pm