Organizations 4591 - 4620 of 4802 in total
Name Abbreviation Type Aun Status
Westminster Nursery School Licensed, Private Academic School 303020089 Active
Westminster Preschool Licensed, Private Academic School 304370003 Active
West Mont Christian Academy Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 223469642 Active
Westmont Hilltop School District School District 108118503 Active
Westmont United Prsbytn Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300118800 Active
Westmoreland Christian Academy Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 207659535 Active
Westmoreland Co Food Bank Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300652090 Active
Westmoreland Community Action Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300659130 Active
Westmoreland County ARC Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300659180 Active
Westmoreland-Fayette Cncl BSA Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300659190 Active
Westmoreland Girl Scouts Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300659000 Active
Westmoreland Intermediate Unit 7 Intermediate Unit 107000000 Active
West Oak Lane Charter School Charter School 126513020 Active
Westover Amish Parochial School Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 210176828 Active
West Penn F Grace Brethren Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300319890 Active
West Perry School District School District 115508003 Active
West Philadelphia. Achievement Charter Elementary School Charter School 126510006 Active
West Point Child Learning Center Licensed, Private Academic School 300468740 Active
West Shore Christian Academy Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 215210882 Active
West Shore School District School District 115219002 Active
West Side Career & Technology Center Career and Technical Center 118408707 Active
West Stevens School Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 213368332 Active
West Street Ame Zion Church Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300219420 Active
West Terre Hill School Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 213368352 Active
Westtown School Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 224159402 Active
Westview Christian School Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 205200003 Active
West Ward Academy Nonpublic, Non-Licensed School 220480007 Active
West York Area School District School District 112678503 Active
Wetherill School Licensed, Private Academic School 300468130 Active
Whales Tale Other Private, Non-Licensed Entity 300029560 Active