Physical Activity to Help Children Regulate in School

September 21, 2023

Special Education


One additional thing to note- this training is interactive so please dress COMFORTABLY and wear sneakers! Sweats or jeans are just fine, whatever you are most comfortable in. I am sorry for omitting this tidbit earlier ;)

Sep 2023

This training is located in the Sill Business Incubator at Juniata College. Also known as JCEL Building, it is located on the corner of Moore Street and Fourteenth Street in Huntingdon, on the south end of Juniata College campus. There is a parking lot behind the building, however, parking is extremely limited, so please allow extra time for your commute as you may need to find street parking and walk a few blocks. 

Please enter the building on the Fourteenth Street side, across from Sheetz. TIU11 is clearly marked on this door. Once inside, go upstairs immediately and our training room is on the second floor at the top of the stairs. You will sign in once you arrive in the training room.

Sep 2023

Physical Activity to Help Children Regulate in School

target audience- Special Ed. teachers and para support staff.

Atendees will learn how to expand or enhance their implementation of the use of physical movement breaks for students with Autism through the use of a consultative coaching model. Hands-on practice with physical movement will demonstrate how emotional regulation and positive classroom behaviors are connected for students with Autism.


This is a hands-on day of learning, so come prepared to practice some neat movements. Dress comfortably! Attendees will leave with a toolbox of activities ready to be implemented in the classroom.


Registration closed on 9/21/2023

Available Credit or Activity Hours

Act 48 Activity Hours
3.5 Hours
Student Social and Health Issues Educational Specialist


Thursday, September 21
8:30am - 12pm
Physical Activity to Help Children Regulate in School

By attending the Physical Movement to Support Positive Classroom Behaviors and Emotional Regulation for Students with Autism, you will learn multiple strategies to address the varying physical needs of students that struggle with regulation at school. The class will address the alignment of your brain and body, the importance of recognizing and understanding communication skills,  as well as how movement connects to academic and social success for all learners.

This course is geared toward educators and paras that work directly with students in special education or who are on the Autism spectrum. Classroom teachers and paras are welcome, in addition to physical education professionals.

Due to the length of this course, a lunch break will not be provided. A short mid-morning break will be available.